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Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

Spring is when my wanderlust is at its worst.

It doesn’t help that every blogger I follow on Instagram is travelling somewhere right now, or that I’m basically bedridden when I’m not at work or the doctor.  (I tore the labrum in my hip badly enough that I’m going to have to have surgery.  It is excruciating to sit, stand, or walk.  They thought it was a back injury, at first, but nope.  Ikea is a dangerous place.)

An old picture from Chang Mai.

There are twenty-four states and one hundred and ninety countries I haven’t been to.  My passport sits neglected.  I haven’t even made it back home to South Carolina to see my parents in over a year.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

The solution, obviously, is to window shop luggage online and draw up packing lists for hypothetical trips.

I already have a great purse to carry for trips, my Baggallini Errand Laptop Tote in Beach.  It has a laptop compartment, a tablet compartment, two drink holders, and it even has a slit in the back so it can slide over the handles of your roller bag.  I seriously love this bag, and I was so happy to find out my back wasn’t the problem and I could start carrying it again.  (I do still use my Margot crossbody on the weekends, because a large bag is probably not great for my hip.)

My lonely passport.

Speaking of roller bags, right now my only one is a carry-on sized one from Liz Claiborne. It’s several years old, and in a kind of unattractive beige paisley, because I figure that no one wants to steal ugly luggage. It’s on the large size for a carry-on, so if I know I’m going to be taking a smaller plane (say, on a regional flight), I’ll use my Everlane Weekender (similar) (invite code here).  I’m lacking a full-size suitcase at the moment, though.

I’m kind of eyeing this Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Spinner, which was recommended by the Wirecutter.  I would probably get it in olive.  There’s also this amazingly ridiculous Gameboy suitcase by iKase, which I wouldn’t buy myself but am glad exists.

I don’t usually do special-purpose inserts in my planner, but I am tempted by this travel planner printable by EasyLifePlanners.  The only thing I enjoy more than making a packing list is actually packing.  Something about it makes me feel like I’ve really got my act together.  (Spoiler:  I do not have my act together.)

After my hip surgery and recovery, I need to finagle my way into a business trip or something.  My wandering foot is itchy. Until then, I guess I’ll finally get around to ordering the Visions of Europe documentary I used to watch with my grandma and just pretend.

If anyone’s travelling to anywhere cool right now, tell me in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.  Also, the Amazon links in this post are affiliate links, so you know.

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