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A Man, A Plan, A Canal: A Planner Setup! (In Which I Am Bad At Palindromes)

I’m one of those people who carries a paper planner, despite the existence of smartphones and Google calendar. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it, so my planner is basically my brain, externalized. If I lost this thing, I would miss every single appointment in my life.

Kate Spade Wellesley Planner

I use a zip-up planner, the Kate Spade Wellesley,which is equivalent in size to a Filofax personal size. I’m 95% sure that the Wellesley line is exclusive to Kate Spade outlets, which means you should never, ever pay the approximately $200 they claim is the MSRP, or really the $100+ I see them for online. (So yes, that’s an affiliate link, but I don’t think it’s a good price if you have access to a Kate Spade outlet.)

I guess if you really wanted a discontinued color, then you do you, but if you want a black one, don’t overpay. I got mine for about $65 at the outlet (on sale, which I’m pretty sure they do regularly), and at that price, it’s a pretty good buy for a leather, ring-bound planner of that size.

Kate Spade Wellesley Planner

I’m not a fan of the Kate Spade inserts, though, so this year I’m using Filofax inserts: the Filofax 2017 Month to Viewand the Filofax 2017 Week per Page. For dividers, I’m using Day Runner Storage Pockets,and I’m also using Filofax notepaper for my to-do list and notes sections.

My to-do list:
My to-do list

My monthly spread:
Filofax Monthly View

The week on one page:
Filofax Weekly Pages

(I should add my haircut to my monthly view.)

My notes section:
My notes section

I don’t go all out decorating my planner, but I do use highlighters to color code appointments, and the occasional sticker. The highlighters are the Sharpie Accent Mini Highlighters,which I keep in place with one of these cable keyring dealiesthat I bought on Amazon. I also use these paper clips from Poppin to hold things in place (fun fact: the French word for paper clip is trombone), and mini Post-It Notesfor anything I need to mark or notes I need to add.

Sharpie Accent Mini Highlighters

I use two kinds of stickers in my planner: functional stickers to mark things like payday, and cute South Korean stickers I ordered off of Amazon and for decoration. I got my functional stickers from ThePreppyStickers on Etsy, but the link to that shop now redirects to the owner’s profile page, so they might be out of the sticker game.

The Preppy Stickers

My cute stickers are this yueton setI bought off Amazon, and this set was from Wish.


The cat pen is also from Wish. It’s a bit scratchy when it writes, but at least it looks cute. The other pen is a Pentel Hybrid Technica Pen 0.8mm.I really like how it writes, but you do have to wait a long time before you can highlight over it without smudging.


I bought most of this stuff on Amazon or at Staples, except for some of the stickers, the cat pen, and the planner itself. Staples’ website is kind of awful to link to, so I just used Amazon. All the Amazon links in here are affiliate links, so I might get a commission if you click on them and buy through there, but I would recommend shopping around to make sure you get the best price.

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