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Becoming a Small Purse Person (Purseon?)

I have never been a small handbag kind of person. I want to carry either nothing, or a bag that I can smuggle exotic animals in. (I don’t actually smuggle exotic animals in my bags. I just like to have the option.)

Zoey Double Zip Leather Camera Crossbody

However, after an afternoon of poor decision making a few weeks ago henceforth referred to as the Ikea Incident, I have a strained back, injured leg, temporary reliance on a cane, and the strongly worded advice of both medical professionals and my husband to maybe, just maybe, carry around a lighter bag for a bit.

For me, lighter means smaller because I will shove that thing full to the brim.  It’s like entropy; it’s going to happen and there’s no point fighting it. At least this was an excuse to buy a new bag.

Zoey Double Zip Leather Camera Crossbody

The bag in question is the Zoey Double Zipper Leather Camera Crossbody by a brand called Margot, which may or may not be related to this company. I don’t know. Their logo is different, but Google is not turning up much else except resale sites. If anyone knows more about this brand, let me know in the comments.

I got it at TJ Maxx, and it’s a pretty decent little bag. Very soft leather, two relatively roomy inside pockets, zippers that are really hard to open one-handed. The biggest problem is that I can’t really fit my planner in there very well.

Zoey Double Zip Leather Camera Crossbody

Next up: figure out how to care about shoes that aren’t high heels.

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