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Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

Spring is when my wanderlust is at its worst.

It doesn’t help that every blogger I follow on Instagram is travelling somewhere right now, or that I’m basically bedridden when I’m not at work or the doctor.  (I tore the labrum in my hip badly enough that I’m going to have to have surgery.  It is excruciating to sit, stand, or walk.  They thought it was a back injury, at first, but nope.  Ikea is a dangerous place.)

An old picture from Chang Mai.


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Becoming a Small Purse Person (Purseon?)

I have never been a small handbag kind of person. I want to carry either nothing, or a bag that I can smuggle exotic animals in. (I don’t actually smuggle exotic animals in my bags. I just like to have the option.)

Zoey Double Zip Leather Camera Crossbody

However, after an afternoon of poor decision making a few weeks ago henceforth referred to as the Ikea Incident, I have a strained back, injured leg, temporary reliance on a cane, and the strongly worded advice of both medical professionals and my husband to maybe, just maybe, carry around a lighter bag for a bit.


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