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There is No Excuse for This

I have a problem, and that problem is that I keep buying lipsticks that are basically the same color as each other.  I have five lipsticks that are very similar brownish-rosy, “your lips but better” kind of shades.  I don’t even wear lipstick very often because my lips are drier than Moore County.


The lipsticks are:

(In my defense, those first two were samples.)

Here’s some swatches.  The light isn’t great, because it’s been raining all the time here lately, but you can see that they are all very closely related colors.


(Left to right, these are “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Get Ready,” “Pepper,” “Faux,” and “Blushing Mauve.”)

Let’s not even get started on how many near-dupes of MAC’s “Lady Danger” that I own (in addition Lady Danger herself).

I should probably do some sort of lipstick challenge to actually get some use out of all of these lipsticks.  That’s a very blogger thing to do, isn’t it?  If anyone has suggestions for what form that should take, let me know in the comments.

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